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Welcome to UL-Motorsegelflug.de

Veröffentlicht am 31. Januar 2017
Zugriffe: 894

http://UL-Motorsegelflug.de/images/stories/Blogs/2017/1704_Herzlich_willkommen_auf-ul-motorsegelflug/TS_Klaus_Song-Erstflug.jpgWelcome to UL-Motorsegelflug.de, the new website especially for pilots, holders and anyone interested in US FAR-103 and German 120 kg Ultralight-Motorglider Class.
For organizational reasons, the new website is setup together with UL-Segelflug.de for the moment. The final design of UL-Motorsegelflug.de as an independent website is expected to take several weeks or even some month.

In the near future, the new website will be dedicated exclusively to the German 120 kg Ultralight-Motorglider Class (US FAR-103), which represents Very Light Airplanes such as the Song, the GFW-4E, the Luftikus-1E, the Snow White-E and the ULF-1 E/NT.

Information about other projects under construction of this category as well as contact-information are highly appreciated. For any information, please use my new mail-addresse (info(at)ul-motorsegelflug.de).

Since I bought my new Song (D-MZKB) and sold my Banjo (D-NEKB) lately to a friend, my future coverage will concentrate on the Song and flight experiences with my Song, which represents the only UL-Motorglider in our German 120 kg-Class factory-made.

http://UL-Motorsegelflug.de/mages/stories/Blogs/2017/1704_Herzlich_willkommen_auf-ul-motorsegelflug/GT_Klaus_Song-Erstflug_Landung.jpgAfter my first flight in the Song-E: Enthusiasm pure


The first blogs about my test flights at the little airfield of Wildberg near Lake Constance in 2016, can be accessed at this website in the category "Blog". In the same category, you will also find my reports about the new trailer "Komet-KB3", designed by myself and build together with Axel Anschau.

I sincerely hope, that I am able to design the new website as interesting as UL-Segelflug.de and that I can "feed" UL-Motorsegelflug.de with constantly new and interesting content for all my website-visitors, that the acceptance and access-numbers will be just as successful and promising and UL-Motorsegelflug.de is developing into a "website-star" for the 120 kg-class.

The header-image of this blog is hopefully a good omen!

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