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Search for Song-Owners in the U.S. and Canada - please help!

Veröffentlicht am 03. Februar 2017
Zugriffe: 1019

http://UL-Motorsegelflug.de/images/stories/Blogs/2017/1705_Song-Owners_wanted/TC_Song-Landeanflug-Dingolfing.jpgAccording to my knowledge, there must be several Song-owners living in the United States and Canada. One of them is Gary Johnsson, who lives in Lecanto/Florida. The second one I know by name is Randall Fishman in Florida. An other Song-owner is Gary Steadman, who is a resident of Canada. Unfortunately I could not find out where he is living or flying. Other Song-Owners outside Germany are unknown to me, but I´m sure there must be some more.

Gary Johnsson is the owner of a Song with Polini Thor engine, on which he has a total of over 150 flying hours. As he also claims in a Facebook-entrance, that he does long periods of thermal soaring, personal contact to Gary would be verry interesting.

Randall Fishman in Florida is the owner of "Electric Aircraft Corporation" and he is/was the official importer/seller of the Song-Electric in the United States. I tried to get in contact with Randall by mail, hope he´ll reply to me soon. Randall claims 195 hours flight time at his Song by October 2014 (last entry at his website). Since there is no newer entry about his Song-flying at his website, I don´t know if he still owns his Song or if he sold it to someone else.

Gary Steadman presented his Song at the Sport Aviation Expo in January 2015, as he was the Song-Representative of Canada at this time. Unfortunately, his company Melody-Aircraft can not be found in the Internet any longer. So it would be interesting hearing from any Canadian Pilot, if his company still exists (maybe under different name).

As all a.m. Song-owners must have a lot of Song-experiance by now, it would be highly interesting for me getting into contact all of them, as welll as getting into contact with any other Song-owner at anywhere else in the world.

If anyone of our readers has personal contact to one of those a.m. pilots/owners or even knows any other Song-pilot somewhere on the globe, please send us contact detailes such as the airfield and/or flying club they are flying, email-address or pass our mail-addresse (info(at)ul-motorsegelflug.de) to get into contact. Any information is appreciated. Thanks for supporting our search!

http://UL-UL-Motorsegelflug.de/images/stories/Blogs/2017/1705_Song-Owners_wanted/GT_Klaus_Song-Cockpit_Klonner.jpgFirst contact with Song Polini-Thor 250 during summer 2016 at Dingolfing-Airfield/Germany

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