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The tiny ultralight sensation 2013

Veröffentlicht am 19. Dezember 2013
Zugriffe: 3470

UL-Segelflug.de/Bild/TC/The_tiny_ultralight_sensation-2013_0544.jpg It became apparent for some time, that 2013 could develop itself into a tiny ultralight sensation. Already since the end of October, while the page view counter ended at 87.370 counts, we interpreted some cautious signs, that by the end of 2013, the magic number of 100.000 page views could be reached or even slightly exceeded.

And indeed, on December 19th 2013, at 13:15, according to Google-Analytics, with a counter-reading of 100.002 page views the unbelievable came true. For the first time ever, UL-Segelflug.de exceeded 100.000 page views within one year.


We never expected, that UL-Segelflug.de would ever reach such a huge popularity amongst pilots, when we launched the website at March 06th 2011.

During the period from March 06th 2011 until December 19th 2013, in just 2 3/4 years, UL-Segelflug.de had been visited by 44.133 visitors in 79.733 visits, calling up 214.257 single pages.


During the entire period, visitors from Germany ranked at first place with a total of 58.114 visits, reflecting 72,89 %.

Also during the year 2013 visitors from Germany continue to hold first place with a total of 28.386 visits so far, reflecting 70,90 %.


While our Austrian neighbors reached second rank with a count of 2.915 visits and a share of 7.28%, Swiss visitors reached rank three with 1.938 visits and a share of 4.84%. While in the initial phase of UL Segelflug.de, website-visits by english speaking nations expectedly only played a minor role, the USA reached in 2013 with 1.184 visits and a share of 2.88% already rank 4 in the international ranking-list.

This of course not a coincidence, because while in the first and second year of UL-Segelflug.de, blogs had only been published in German. Meanwhile, interesting topics are also published in English. Additionally in 2013, several articles about "ultralight soaring" and the german-style "120 kg class", had been published in foreign magazines, reaching respectable interest by foreign readers, producing further website-traffic.

Fortunately, our publications are more and more accepted by designated online-magazines such as the German OLC Magazine and the Austrian streckenflug.at who link back to UL Segelflug.de, as well as famous U.S. online-magazines like SoaringCafé.com and OZ-Report.com. Let´s take the opportunity, to express to all the o. m. online-magazines our heartfelt thanks for their support.

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