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Woodstock One - Ultralight Elegance in pure Wood

Veröffentlicht am 21. Januar 2015
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http://UL-Segelflug.de/images/TC/Woodstock-One_Gary_Osoba.jpgIf I see a jewelry like that, as ingrained wood-fanatic I get tears into my eyes. And if I further think about, that this "elegance in pure wood" is a real ultralight-glider too with an empty-weight of just 107 kg, immediately I could get unfaithful to my plastified Kilo-Bravo, starting an affair!

Designed and build Woodstock One in the 70th in USA, by Jim Maupin, while Irv Culver designed the foil of the wings. The maiden-flight of Woodstock One took place in 1978, just at the same time as Dieter Reich and Heiner Neumann had designed and build their ULF-1.

Also Jim Maupin and Irv Culver offered a plan-set to amateur-builders for sale, just as Dieter Reich and Heiner Neumann did for their ULF-1. About 350 plan-sets have been sold during the past 35 years. 1983, just five years after the maiden-flight of the Woodstock One, already 12 specimens were finished and flying. How many in total have been build so far, no one can say.

The aim direction of the designers had been, to construct an ultralight-glider for amateur-builders to the lowest possible costs. This aim was achieved by the use of reasonable common materials and least possible material consumption, a simple construction-style combined with the use of commercial available components as for example "Go-Cart wheels" as airplane main-wheel.

The final result was an elegant ultralight-glider, completely made of wood. Structural parts are made of Douglas-fir wood, while the wing- and tail-sections are covered with birch-plywood.

Gary Osoba, a well known US and international recognized hang-glider and ultralight-glider pilot, made in his Woodstock One several US- and world-record-flights in the FAI-Class Ultralight-Glider (DU) since 1998. His most notable record flight, Osoba completed on July 19th, 2008, when he flew his Woodstock One from Zapata/Texas to Lubock/Texas with a distance of 815,48 km zin 09:01 hours. This was the longest "Free Distance" accomplished with a Woodstock so far. But the new FAI-record was not accepted by the FAI, as Gary used a Cambridge Model 20-Logger which was not recognized by FAI-Regulations.


The Woodstock was build in three different wingspan-versions as Woodstock One with 11,9 m (prototype) and the Woodstock with a wingspan of 12,5 m and 13,0 m. With an empty-weight of 107 kg and a gross weight of 204 kg, the max. payload of 97 kg was a typical value for wooden single-seat gliders of the time. The wing load was 21 kg/m2 and the glide ratio 24:1.

In addition to the Woodstock, Jim Maupin also designed some other type of gliders, such as the Windrose with a wingspan of 12,65 m, an empty weight of 143 kg and a glide ratio of 30:1. In contrast to the Woodstock and Windrose, his Carbon Dragon can be foot-launched and foot-landed as well and according to "FAR 103 - Ultralight Vehicle", the Carbon Dragon is classified as hang-glider. For such vehicles, neither a type-approval, nor a medical, pilot-license or flight-training is required within the USA.

As by the Woodstock, Irv Culver was also responsible for the design of the Windrose and Carbon Dragon airfoil.
Phil Lardner, a hang-glider enthusiast of Ireland is the motor of the Carbon Dragon scene. Phil operates a special Carbon Dragon-Website with interesting contents and he also builds his own Carbon Dragon since 2012. But contrary to the original version, Phil builds his Carbon Dragon completely in Carbon.

http://UL-Segelflug.de/images/GT/Carbon-Dragon_Doppelpack_Copyright_Rick-Mullins_Gus-Malm.jpg© Rick Mullins (left) and Gus Mulm (right)

As one can see in the photo at the right, also the present idea of the electric-drive of course is already a topic by friends of the Carbon Dragon design and it surely will generate a further boost to the scene.

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